Day 1, Monday, November 11
8:30Welcome addressM. Fratzoglou, President of Hellenic Neurosurgical Society
8:45Lecture: objective of the workshopA. Andreou
9:00Lecture: basic instruments and thread handling in microvascular surgeryV. Papic
9:20Video demonstration: instructions of suturing techniques (glove, silicon tubes) 
9:45Hands-on: interrupted/running sutures (glove) 
10:30Refreshment break 
11:00Hands-on: interrupted sutures (silicone tubes) 
14:00Video demonstration: artery, vein, nerve (dissection in the chicken leg) 
14:15Hands-on: vessel/nerve dissection (chicken leg) 
Day 2, Tuesday, November 12
8:15Lecture: nerve coaptation, suturing techniquesA. Vlastou
8:30Hands-on: nerve coaptation (chicken) 
9:30Refreshment break 
9:45Video demonstration/Hands-on: end-to-end anastomosis (chicken artery) 
11:15Video demonstration/Hands-on: end-to-side anastomosis (chicken vein to artery) 
14:00Video demonstration/Hands-on: side-to-side anastomosis (vein-to-artery) 
19:30“Greek tavern night” 
Day 3, Wednesday, November 13
8:30Lecture: 50 years of EC-IC bypass surgery: History, current state-of-the-art and outlook

        P. Dodier

8:50Hands-on: femoral vessels/nerve dissection 
10:30Refreshment break 
10:50Hands-on: end-to-end anastomosis (carotid) 
13:40Hands-on: side-to-side anastomosis on femoral vessels (vein to artery) 
Day 4, Thursday, November 14
8:00Lecture: methods for assessing bypass patency      V. Papic
8:30Hands-on: end-to-end anastomosis (rat) 
10:30Refreshment break 
10:45Hands-on: dissection of rat aorta-vena-cava 
14:00Hands-on: aorta-vena cava (rat), side-to-side anastomosis 
Day 5, Friday, November 15
8:00Lecture: Indications and Techniques for ACoA – aneurysmsG. Bavinzski
8:30Hands-on: dissection of the external jugular vein in the rat 
10:30Refreshment break 
11:00Hands-on: ext. jugular v.-to-carotid a. anastomosis (end-to-side, rat) 
13:30Hands-on: end-to-end anastomosis femoral artery/vein (rat) 
20:00Gala dinner 
Day 6, Saturday, November 16
Chair: D. Rologis
9:00Upper basilar artery surgery, the Kawase approach   V. Papic
9:30Nerve repair in 2023 and beyond   L. Rasulic
9:50Complex aneurysms –a hybrids view   G.Bavinszki
10:20Surgical Treatment of Moya-Moya   G.Bavinszki
10:40Refreshment break 
11:00Complex, giant and fusiform aneurysms: treatment options   A. Andreou
11:30Unruptured AVMs: to treat or not to treat?   M. Cenzato
11:50Evaluation of the course and awarding of certificates